Be a RHLL Umpire

Being an umpire is a fun and rewarding way to stay active with Reston Herndon Little League. Umpires typically work games starting at the AA level, working up through the AAA and Majors level.

Umpires go through a training program that teaches proper base and plate mechanics, rules of the game, and standards of conduct. Umpires are compensated for their work. If you are interested in umpiring at Reston Herndon Little League, please register below and we will be in touch with training information.

RHLL provides umpire training prior to the start of every season.

We ask that players, managers, coaches, and parents be respectful of our umpires.  In addition, the Board of Directors has no tolerance for managers, coaches and parents who berate or mistreat our umpires and will not hesitate to take action in situations that merit such action.  Please focus your attention on encourage and cheering the teams on the field, not questioning or arguing an umpire calls.

Bob Thomas
Chief Umpire, Reston Herndon Little League


Umpire FAQ

Q. How do I contact the Reston Herndon Little League Chief Umpire?

Q. What are the requirements to be an umpire?

The minimum age is "baseball league age 12" This means you turn 12 by August 31 of the current year.  You must also attend mandatory training  and be properly equipped.

Q. Do umpires get paid?
Yes, or they can volunteer.

Q. If they volunteer do they get any other compensation or benefits?
Volunteer umpires are eligible to possibly do the All Star games and the league may buy you your own protective gear.

Q. When and where are games played?
Monday to Friday games are played between 6:00 and dark. Saturday games take place from 9:00 a.m. to dark.  Games are usually at Fred Crabtree Park, Brown's Chapel Park or Reston North

Q. Is training provided to new umpires?
Yes. A Rules Clinic and a Beginning Mechanics Clinic are required prior to qualifying as an umpire. We offer this training prior to the start of every season.

Q. How many games do I have to umpire?
You chose how many from a published schedule on our umpire website arbiter.

Q. Can I umpire for Reston Herndon Little League if I live outside the League boundaries?

Q. Can I umpire for other leagues and organizations also?

Q. Does RHLL supply my uniform and protective gear?
We supply the Shirt, Hat and (shared) protective equipment which is located inside a bin at each field. You supply the rest. Well established RHLL umpires may receive their own equipment from the league.

Q.  What Should I Do If It's Been Raining And The Games May Be Cancelled?
If it's been raining and the fields are wet, there's a good chance the games will be cancelled.  Umpires will receive an automated e-mail if their game has been canceled.

Q. What Do I Do If I Have A Last Minute Emergency and Can't Show Up?
If there is less than 2 day's notice, you MUST call the Chief Umpire to discuss arrangements.

Q. I'm having trouble with the arbiter website, who do I contact?
Please contact Bob Thomas our Chief Umpire at