Our Sponsors

Seeking Sponsorships

Little League would not exist without the commitments of our volunteers, the dedication of our parents, the energy of our players and the generosity of those in our community. Each year we reach out to the community for engagement and sponsorship from local businesses. Our sponsorship program is off to a good start, but as in years past we could use your help.

All proceeds raised through our sponsorship program go directly to maintaining our fields, ensuring the safety of all players and providing scholarships to those in need.

If you are aware of a local business that is seeking new marketing opportunities or know of any business owners who want to make a positive impact on our community through youth sports, please reach out to Mary Hamrick at mhamrick@rhbaseball.org.

Through generosity and a sense of community, our sponsors proudly support our kids, our league, and a love of baseball. So we're proud to honor them here.