Registration for the Fall 2020 season is OPEN
Reston-Herndon Little League is opening up registration for T-Ball, Rookie, A-Ball, AA, AAA and Majors divisions this coming fall. With that said, we will continue to monitor the ever changing COVID-19 situation and the board will vote in August as to what divisions/ages we will ultimately move forward with. Until then, we will plan and prepare as if we will be running all divisions. If for some reason your division gets canceled, you will be given a full refund.
Our summer Majors season has given us the chance to ramp up and solidify our COVID-19 protocols. The board continues to tailor these protocols to each division. Please keep in mind that things will look a little different this fall than you might be used to. Ultimately, the goal is to provide our baseball community an opportunity to give their players to chance to get back on the field and do so at a minimal risk of infection. With that said, like leaving the house to do anything, this activity is not without risk. Below are the basic protocols that RHLL will implement to minimize risk.
1.      Players will be distanced 6 feet as much as possible during practice and games.
2.      There will be no shared equipment. Players will need to provide their own glove, helmet and bat, if this is a financial burden on your family, please contact me and we will be able to assist you. Please keep in mind that T-Ball, Rookie, A-Ball and AA divisions require a full face mask batting helmet. AAA and Majors require a full face mask or a c-flap. If you have questions please feel free to e-mail me.
3.      We will not be using existing dugouts, instead, players will bring a chair and be distanced 10 feet apart while not on the field.
4.      Rules may be adjusted to minimize on field contact with other players.
5.      Spectators will need to be distanced 10 feet by household.
6.      Day of, self-screenings will be done via (feel free to visit our screening/waiver site, but please do not submit one.)
To Register for fall baseball go here:
I want to thank everyone for their ongoing patience. The COVID-19 situation has created a tremendous amount of questions, obstacles and work for our board to take on. As always, the safety of our players and families will be our top priority. We will continue to take guidance from state and local authorities whenever there is a decision to be made.
I requested a credit for my spring registration fees, how do I redeem my credit?
You will receive a separate e-mail with a link to register for fall baseball. Please use that link, not the link above to register.
I have not received a refund for my 2020 spring registration fees, how can I receive one?
At this point, everyone that requested a refund for their spring fees has had their refund initiated. Depending on your bank, the time it takes to post will vary. If you did not fill out the registration on how you would like RHLL to handle your registration fees, you can still do so here:
I have not filled out the registration on how I would like to handle my spring registration fees, can I still do that?
Yes, if you did not fill out the registration on how you would like RHLL to handle your registration fees, you can still do so here:
On the 2020 Spring Fee Options I opted to play a summer season, but my division was canceled, how can I change my selection?
If you opted to play, but your division was canceled, you can click on this link, then click “new sign up” to re-fill out the registration.
My Spring registration fees were refund, but I also ordered RHLL merchandise, how do I receive it?
We will be making merchandise available soon. Please be on the lookout for an email with a pickup date and time.
This past spring was going to be my 12-year-old players last chance to play little league, can they play this fall?
Yes! Feel free to register this fall.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.
 Tim Jones, RHLL President

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